Just hold on…

Hey You!,

Sometimes things happen for a reason and sometimes it seems like a random twist in the tale. Point is that something has indeed happened. I dont know why or how it happens but, I do know it happens.

Right now you need a friend. You need a shoulder to cry on and someone who won’t let you down.. You need a hug, Don’t youu??

Maybe you went somewhere wrong or maybe someone else hurt you or maybe something horrible might have happened to you. I don’t know what happened because I don’t know you. All I can say is : Don’t give up! You can make up for your mistakes. You can ask for forgiveness if you think you need to. You can forgive people even if they don’t ask for forgiveness. Sometimes you need to forgive yourself too. Go on! You can do it.. but never ever give up!!

You just need to trust that things will be right tomorrow. Don’t give up if you feel awful today. Any day  when you feel like giving up just carry these words in your pocket and remember, At the end, everything will be worth it!! Just wait for a brighter tomorrow…

Someday you will find out how important you are to this world. Just hold on sweetheart…

-Someone who cares.



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