There’s someone out there for everyone! 

There’s something everyone should know..

I know people are into playing their own selfish games with you, just because they’re bored at that moment or whatever their reason might be. And I totally understand because, the more people didn’t want me, it made me want them more.

But, there’s one thing no one should ever forget! You! Yes you! You are beautiful, super cool, talented , funny and fucking awesome! And you deserve someone who treats you good and respects you and supports you in every aspect and not someone who just treats you as their ‘pass-time quotient’.

It’s so obvious you may now think there’s no one out there who would make you feel special or treat you better! But hey! Trust me You will definitely find someone, somewhere, who will make you feel ‘it was all worth it’! That idiot is just running late because he slept over his alarm. He’ll be reaching soon! Don’t worry! 🙂 

It’s alright if you don’t want to feel good or to be treated better! But listen honey, YOU DESERVE IT! :))



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